Things to see

There are many tourist attractions in the area
(also for children) .

Caves of Han

The Caves of Han are breathtakingly.

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Euro Space Center

The Euro Space Centre tells you everything about the space.

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Mudia (look different to art)

There is a beautiful art-museum in the center of Redu.

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Parc Chevetogne

The Parc Chevetogne is a nice walking area
and a playing-paradise for children.

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Castle Lavaux Sainte-Anne

Castle Laveaux Saint-Anne in Saint Anne is home
to three exhibitions in her nice restored castle.

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Redu is a small cozy village with teraces
and many second hand book shops,
traditonal craft workshops,
to which this village owes its fame.

A delicious evening meal may be had at one
of the four restaurants in the village.
You may also just go to one of the teraces
and sit in the sun.

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Castle van Bouillion

De Castle Stronghold of Bouillon
brings you back in the Middle-Ages.
The city and villages
winding along the Semois are very picturesque.

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The Gardens of Annevoie

The Gardens of Annevoie (near Namen)
are 200 years old and beautifull reconstructed.

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The Citadel of Dinant is home to
a historical museum, and offers a wide view
of the surroundings,
and has a playground for children.


Bastonge reminds us of the Ardennes offensive
and has an uniek monument
where you can walk on top.
It also has a renovated museum on the subject.

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Namen and his Citadel

Namen has a wonderfully situated Citadel
with a wide view of the Lesse and the Maas rivers.
The city has many opportunities
for shopping also terraces on the squares.

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Things to do

Walking-, cycling- and driving

Deciduous and Coniferous forests alternate
with meadows and fields. The closely lying
Lesse-valley is more than sensational
in every season.
From the guesthouse
you may explore the surounding area
on foot, by e-bike or car.

At the guesthouse you can rent
one or two e-bikes.

With a e-bike everyone can explore the
surounding area in a pleasant way.

The Garden of La Lune d’Or

There is a big garden with high deciduous trees,
borders and lawns where you can enjoy
the beautifull views and the sun from the terraces.
There are a swing and a trampoline.

You can rent in the back of the garden
a big tonal sauna.


Horse-riding is a ten minute drive to
an adjacent village Transinne:

manege "L'Écurie Des Longs Prés"

Rue des Camps, 20


Canoeing on the Lesse in Dinant or
the Semois in Bouillion is adventurous.
This can be combined with
a visit to one of these cities.