Breakfast à la carte

Breakfast is served from 08.30 till 9.30 hour.

In the diningroom each room has its own table.
The breakfast contains many organic regional products.

In good weather breakfast may be served outside.

We have a list, on witch you can indicated,
what you like to eat for breakfast.

On request we prepare a lunch for you.

In the guesthouse there are a fridge, a microwave
and kitchen and eating utensils.

Coffee and thea are free.

A bar with drinks is charged.


A delicious evening meal may be had at one
of the four restaurants in the village.
It is 5 minutes walking from the guesthouse.

You may also just go to one
of the teraces and sit in the sun
and drink one of our good belgium beers.

In Resteigne a twenty minute drive in summer
you can enjoy a romantic dinner on the Lesse.
In Our also a twenty minute drive,
there is a restaurant with one "Michellin-star".

Below you will find a list of the Restaurants:

  • Au Clocher,Rue de Saint-Hubert 17, Redu
  • Le Fournil, Place de l'Esro 58, Redu
  • Il Forno, Rue de Saint-Hubert 16, Redu
  • L'Auberge Gourmande, Rue de Transinne 25, Redu
  • Le Bucolique, Rue de Transinne 21,Redu
  • Pluriel, Rue de la Colline 58, Transinne
  • Lesse Capade, Rue de la Carrière 155, Resteigne
  • Table de Maxime, Our 23, Our