La Lune d'Or and her environment:


There is a big garden with high deciduous trees, 
borders and lawns where you can enjoy the wide view
and the sun from the terraces. 
There are swings and a trampoline.

Walking , cycling and drives
Folders with walking, cycling and car routes
are available at the guesthouse.
A mountain bike may be hired close by.

	   A delicious evening meal may be had at one of the four restaurants 
	   in the village Redu a 5 minute walk from the guesthouse.
	   You may also just go to one of the teraces and sit in the sun.

	   In Resteigne a twenty minute drive you can enjoy a romantic dinner on the Lesse.
	   In the village Our also a twenty minute drive there is a restaurant with one Michellin-star.

	   Below you will find a list of the Restaurants:

Au Clocher
Rue de Saint-Hubert, 17

Le Fournil
Place de l'Esro, 58

Il Forno
Rue de Saint-Hubert, 16

L'Auberge Gourmande
Rue de Transinne, 25

Lesse Capade
Rue de la Carrière, 155,


Table de Maxime
Our, 23

	  Horse-riding is a ten minute drive to an adjacent village Transine.
	  Manege manege  "L'Écurie Des Longs Prés"               
	  Rue des Camps, 30

Canoeing on the Lesse in Dinant or the Semois in Bouillion is adventurous.
This can be combined with a visit to one of these cities.

	   There are many tourist attractions (also for children) in the area.:

Redu and surroundings
Redu is a small cozy village with teraces  and as many as seventeen 
second hand book shops, traditonal craft workshops for calligraphy,
paper making and book binding, to which this village owes its fame.
A delicious evening meal may be had at one of the four retuarants 
in the village. You may also just go to one of the teraces and sit in the sun.

The Euro Space Centre, Tells the complete story of space.
Castle Laveaux Saint-Anne in Saint Ann is the home to 
a beautifully restored castle which has three exhibitions.
The Caves of Han are breathtaking.
The Chevetogne Park has splendid walks and a playground for children.

Bouillon and surroundings
The castle in Bouillion bring you back to the middle ages. 
The city and villages  winding along the Semois are very picturesque.

	   Dinant and surroundings
	   The Citadel  of Dinant is home to a historical museum, and offers
	   a wide view of the surroundings, and has a playground for children.
	   The gardens of Annevoix close to Nantes are 300 years old and 
	   have been beautifully redeveloped.

	   Sint-Hubert et Bastonge
	   The Basilica of Sint-Hubert has been beautifullly restored.
	   Bastonge reminds us of the Ardennes offensive and 
	   has an uniek monument where you can walk on top. 
	   It also has a couple of museums on the subject.

	   Namur, the capital of Wallonia
	   Namen has a wonderfully situated Citadel with a wide view 
	   of the Lesse and the Maas rivers.
	   The city has many opportunities for shopping also terraces on the squares.

	   The city of Luxemburg offers its own ambience.
	   Shops, museums, buildings, views etc.

	   North France
	   The fort of  Sedan from the middle ages is the biggest in Europe.
	   It has been partly furnished as a museum and nicely restored.